Som Poddar


Som Poddar Hi there! My name is Som Poddar. I am a professional web/mobile application developer based in Louisville, KY. I build applications suited for large enterprise organizations, startups, academic institutions & non-profits. I am also an amateur photographer who has keen interest in street photography & urban portraits.


I am passionate about building things - with a special focus on making things simpler and better - both at the same time. Several years back, when I was a graduate student in University of South Carolina, while teaching ComputerScience101 I have realized, most of the technical advancement only helps a small portion of population (we call them 'Tech Savvy'). A very large portion still finds some degrees of difficulties in keeping up with technology. Starting that time, my main motivation is to build quality software that is intuitive & easy to use.


Presently I am working with a major health care provider as a senior web analyst. In my spare time I also work with several non-profit organizations -,The Ray Society , Ashaniketan, GLCSE to name a few. I am also actively building several web based products for Academic Institutions.

You can find me at the following places...

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I can be reached at for any inquiry.